This is a list of projects I worked on in chronological order, starting with the latest. You can find out more about the projects on their own pages, which you can reach by clicking on their images.

Some of them like CatWalk and It’s Mine are even playable on this website or can be downloaded.

Pet Paradise

Pet Paradise

Unity Developer – Gameplay Programmer

iOS and Android Bubble Shooter with pet collection meta-game, TreasureHunt, Berlin, Unity 3D, ~1 year, 2016-2017

Boomie Blast


Unity Developer – Gameplay Programmer

iOS Action Platformer, TreasureHunt, Berlin, Unity 3D, ~1 1/2 years, 2015-2016

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The Dark Eye: Demonicon

Find out more about Demonicon

Level Designer

Action RPG, Noumena Studios, Berlin, Vision Engine, 20 months, 2012-2013

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Froggy Fun

Find out more about Froggy Fun

Game Designer, Programmer

Mobile game, student project at HTW-Berlin, Berlin, prototype, Unity, 1 week, 2013

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Find out more about CatWalk. This was our main project at HTW and is playable on its page.

Game Designer, Level Designer, Programmer

Jump ‘n’ Run, student project at HTW-Berlin, Berlin, Unity, 2 semesters, 2011-2012

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Iron Dawn

Game Designer, Level Designer, VFX Artist, Programmer

Strategy browser game, Zombiefood, Berlin, Unity, 9 months, 2011-2012

Project Page: formerly, now defunct

Company Page: formerly now defunct as the company was restarted as DIGIDICED in March 2015

It’s Mine

Find out more about It's Mine! This project originated as a learning experience for Unity3D at HTW Berlin and the prototype is playable on its page.

Maze, student project at HTW-Berlin,Berlin, prototype, Unity, 2 weeks, 2011

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Game Designer, Level Designer, Programmer

Detective adventure, student project at HTW-Berlin, Berlin, Unity, 1 semester, 2010-2011